Youth Believers

Rising Faith: The Role of Youth Believers in Today’s World

At Kerksondermure (KSM), we believe that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and investing time in today’s youth believers is necessary to spread the Word to future generations. Encouraging our young people in the church to grow in their relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ, supports them in growing their faith as young adults and prepares them to serve the Lord throughout the seasons of their lives. Achieving these goals nurtures our young congregation and allows our church to flourish.

Serving young individuals in our congregation will not only prepare them to become future leaders but also contributes to the church as they grow and mature in Christ. God allowed Timothy (1 Timothy 4:12) to lead youth believers, and Timothy preached that age is but a number. He encouraged the youth to not be discouraged by their age but to perform a role in their community and set an example for fellow youth believers and peers in Christ in conduct, speech, and love by leading in faith, peace and purity.

10 Examples of How Youth Believers Can Be Active in Today’s World

Young people who contribute in meaningful ways to their church and communities will experience the enrichment and spiritual rewards that result from their service. There are many ways in which the youth can be active believers in service to the Lord. These may include:

  • Becoming an active member of the KSM youth group
  • Spending time with other age-appropriate members of the Church
  • Accepting guidance and learning from youth leaders and elders who encourage a Jesus lifestyle
  • Investing their time and energy into studying the Word of God
  • Joining the Church’s Bible study classes and using modern technology to follow YouTube Bible study sessions
  • Partaking in Christian camps, hikes and getaways, to experience enrichment in their belief in God
  • Spending time in God’s garden and learning the importance of their responsibilities at home and toward the natural environment
  • Assembling and distributing care packages for members of the church who are less fortunate
  • Hosting other youth members while exploring their talents, like cooking and arts and crafts lessons
  • Volunteering in youth-orientated outreach programmes, like spending time with senior citizens, visiting children with chronic diseases, feeding the homeless, participating in clean-up drives, or partaking in other church-related activities.

By submitting to a servant role, our young congregation will learn how Jesus Christ served us here on earth and will develop a spiritual character in line with the example set by Jesus Himself.

Shaping the Spiritual Landscape and Future of Our Church

Youth believers play a significant role in bringing fresh ideas and opportunities to the practice of faith. There are critical lessons to be learned from being involved with KSM’s youth programmes and being active young members of the church.

With the guidance of KSM youth leaders, our younger congregation can be guided by the teachings of the Lord – to be strong in adversity and to resist the temptations of the enemy, to be leaders in our community, to submit one to another in their love for the Lord in every aspect of their lives and in dealing with worldly challenges.   

At Kerksondermure, we encourage free-thinking youth development. Join us this Sunday to celebrate the Lord, or reach out to us for guidance.