Event Registrations – Be a Part of Your Community and Discover the Jesus Life

Kerksondermure (KSM) is proud to announce that registrations for individual and community spiritual growth events are now open for 2023. This is not a New Year’s resolution that may fall to the wayside along with committing to eating less junk food or promising to keep in touch with old friends. No, this is a fundamental part of your walk with Jesus Christ. It is a commitment to yourself and the community surrounding you that you will make 2023 the year that you discover the Jesus life.

We understand that walking in the Lord’s footsteps may be challenging at times. Demanding working hours, deadlines, family responsibilities, ill health or transport issues may prevent you from partaking in certain church activities. However, by registering for one or more of our ongoing projects, you may not only enhance your individual walk with Christ but may contribute to the church community.

For these reasons and more, we would like to encourage you to set aside important time for yourself and your family members to join some of the events that are relevant to you and your loved ones. It promises to be rewarding experiences that allow you to invest in your relationship with the Lord.

Event Registrations That May Be Relevant to You

If you choose to invest your time in your KSM community, then you may enjoy the benefits of forming a lasting bond with your fellow community members, while also benefitting from the enrichment you will receive from our relevant events and programmes. Here are three options which you might want to consider for spiritual guidance, empowerment and recovery:

  1. GriefShare – If you have ever lost someone dear to you through sickness, an accident or old age, you will be familiar with the feeling of grief. Perhaps you need support during this time. The GriefShare programme offers a chance to share your feelings and experiences with individuals who have undergone a similar loss allowing you to find comfort and healing. Donating your time to this group will assist you in coping with the pain and isolation you may feel due to the loss of a loved one, but may also aid others in processing their grief.
  • Youth Group Education – Nothing is more important than our youth. The church community and ministry leaders of tomorrow need spiritual guidance and education. Teenagers need to know that they belong to a supportive community, their thoughts and opinions are being heard and their questions are being answered. Let the teenager in your life enjoy a sense of belonging as they explore what it means to lead a dynamic life in Christ.
  • Men’s Morning with Callie Roos – As the head of your household, it may be difficult to find somewhere to turn to for advice, spiritual guidance and fellowship. Joining a men’s morning with Callie Roos will provide you with the opportunity to share your thoughts with like-minded men of God while your enriching soul and invigorating your mind.

These are only three of the many exciting events we are currently offering at Kerksondermure. Others include Senior Bible Study, DivorceCare for Kids, Baptism Preparation and more. Follow this link to find out more about how you can thrive in living the Jesus life. Also, join our online Bible study group to gain a deeper insight into God’s Word. To consistently walk with God, join our community and enhance your spiritual journey.