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Online Church Services – A Guide to the Benefits of Digital Worship

Although the lockdown period was difficult for all of us, if there was one blessing that benefitted our entire community during the pandemic, it was having access to online church services. During this time, Kerksondermure’s (KSM) online services gained traction, not only because of our local community and congregation who needed guidance and fellowship during these challenging and isolating times but also for individuals and families farther afield. People’s yearning for connection through community and Christ was evident during this time. However, the importance of celebrating our Lord, Jesus Christ remains a priority post-lockdown.

Choosing a life for Jesus Christ is sometimes a challenging task. Concentrating on the Word of God while living in the realm of worldly temptations can be difficult and we need the spiritual reinforcement that can only be given by attending church and spending time in God’s presence. Sometimes, when we are not able to attend church physically, online church services can offer an opportunity to spend time in praise and worship with an equally passionate online community. We share six benefits of digital worship.

The Benefits of Online Church Services and Digital Worship

  1. Reaching out to those from afar – Not everyone can physically attend Sunday services. Some of our congregation might be separated by distance, for example, while some might be studying abroad or residing in cities farther away from us. Online services provide a familiar community that can be tuned into as often as needed.
  2. Serving the homebound – Some churchgoers are confined to their homes. The sick, disabled, elderly or chronically ill community members may be prohibited from attending their local Sunday service in person. KSM serves to alleviate these individuals’ feelings of isolation by offering online church services.
  3. Available anytime – Although we come together as a congregation on Sundays, several of our church services are available at the click of a button online. So, if you are unable to attend church on a Sunday, you can set 20 to 30 minutes aside during your week to spend time in virtual church, gaining insights and inspiration from our KSM church leaders.
  4. Providing more opportunities for worship – Some churches may fear that online church services may decrease in-person attendance. Our leadership at KSM believes the contrary. Our online services offer our church community more opportunities to spend time in praise and worship learning from God’s Word. If Sunday services just aren’t enough, then our virtual playlists will provide additional teachings and guidance to draw nearer to Jesus.
  5. Reaching out to our youth – For kids, we offer ample age-appropriate online videos to enrich their understanding of the Word of God allowing them the chance to spend their screen time watching fun, engaging and uplifting content.
  • Comfort and convenience – Though it’s always rewarding to spend time in church and with your community, there are days when curling up under the covers as a family is just too good an offer to pass up. Tuning into our online church services will enrich your leisure time with family.

Although there are many amazing benefits to virtual church services, nothing can quite replace in-person fellowship. KSM encourages interactive worship at your local church but is proud to make these rewarding online experiences easily accessible to all. Contact or visit us online today to learn more about our wonderful community in Christ.