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Enhance Your Understanding of the Bible with KSM’s Online Bible Study Group

Reading a few verses from the Bible a few times a week is a wonderful way to stay inspired by the Word of God but tuning into KSM’s online Bible study group simply raises the bar to a whole new level of spiritual understanding and insight. We read words in the context of what is written and sometimes they make sense, but do we close our evening off having gained knowledge and understanding of the message God has sent us?

Explore the Bible’s Enriching Teachings with Us

There are many online Bible study topics to follow on KSM’s YouTube channel:

The Book of Ruth in Building Blocks

In the latest repertoire, Colin Smith has taken the time to explain the Book of Ruth. It is a four-part mini-series and is explained to you in an online Bible study context, referencing other verses in the Bible that neatly knit the message together and offers an illuminating encounter with this book.

Colin navigates through captivating verses of this book providing enriching context throughout the series. The Book of Ruth tells the story of a young widow who is stripped of a future after the death of her husband. However, God reveals His plans for her as an obedient servant and demonstrates His faithfulness amidst times of hardship and loss.

God’s Endless Love in the Book of Hosea

There is an exciting series of 20 videos on the Prophesy of Hosea which involve riveting tales which centre on God’s unending love for His people. This series includes wonderful renditions of thought-provoking teachings which are must-watches.

Victory in Christ in the Book of Revelations

For inspiration, there is a series about the Book of Revelations which preaches that ultimately the righteous will triumph over evil and the victory Christ has achieved by dying on the cross for us. Each chapter is skilfully examined, and the scriptures are related to modern-day problems and offer solutions so that KSM Bible learners may live their lives closer to God and follow Jesus Christ’s footsteps in their daily lives.

Paul’s Teachings to the Philippians

Perhaps an eight-episode insight into Paul’s letter to the Philippians will be of interest to you. Paul wrote to us, teaching a powerful message about the secret of contentment. Paul endured great suffering, hardship, poverty and even imprisonment, yet he still felt content. These enticing series deliver powerful insights into the Bible’s teachings and will surely elevate your understanding of God’s Word.

If you are not yet a viewer of KSM’s online Bible study playlists, it is time to immerse yourself in these enriching videos which bring vivid colour and clarity to the messages in store for us in the relevant books. You would be surprised at the confidence it will add to your spiritual walk.

Join KSM’s online Bible study group. It will inspire you spiritually, strengthen your trust in God and enforce your desire to learn more about Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Follow us on YouTube where you will also be able to view online church services, our relevant and thought-provoking Soeklig op die Bybel series and lots of fun and entertaining Christian teachings for kids.