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We know that life can get busy. But we also know that you want to prioritise God. We want to help with a daily reading journey starting with the wisdoms of the book Ecclesiastes.

KSM Ecclesiastes Bible Study

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When you sign up, you will receive an easy-to-follow reading plan accompanied by regular Bible study video’s with notes about the book of Ecclesiastes designed to make faith practical.

This is a great resource to do together as a group or couple.

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*All content and resources are in Afrikaans

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A Bible reading journey with Bible study video’s into the meaning of the book Hosea.

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The kerksondermure Bible studies are also presented in person every Wednesday at 09:00 at our campus in Centurion and Thursdays at 09:00 at our campus in Midstream. Let us know if you want to come, and we’ll welcome you.