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Did you Know KSM Offers Church Online?

Join Church Online if You Can’t Join In-Person On Sundays at KSM

Maybe you long to join your fellow brothers and sisters in worship this Sunday. But due to lack of transport, being too far away, or being unable to travel, you cannot attend in person. You’re not alone and shouldn’t have to miss out on worship, listening, learning and praying alongside other congregation members. KSM offers church online, breaking the mould of a brick-and-mortar setting and opening the doors wider to enable you to participate in faith building.

Who is Kerksondermure or KSM?

KSM is an inclusive congregation, focused on discovering the Jesus life, enabling God to touch people’s lives. The church services are scripture-based with worshipping and prayer being the two important pillars. Although we’d love to have you visit us in person with fellow believers to join in worshipping and praise and to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea afterwards, we understand that there might be times that you can’t.

We invite the young and old to tune into our church online or to join us during the morning services held at 23 Mountain Quray Street in Midstream or at the Corner of Hendrik Verwoerd Drive and Hippo Lane in Centurion.

Where to Find the Church Online

We offer the services through the KSM YouTube channel and via podcasts on Soundcloud. With the podcasts, you can listen and be part of the worship while travelling. The YouTube services enable you to listen to and meditate on scripture. With these, even if you have missed a service, you can still feed on the Word of God.

Bible study sessions are also available through the church online services. These are available in English in the Bible Study section while the services are offered in Afrikaans along with the YouTube discussions.

With these services, Bible study sessions and topic discussions, we enable you to grow in faith regardless of where you stay. However, we’d still like to encourage you to become involved in a congregation or Christian fellowship near you. Being part of a community, you receive faith support and build friendships. You get to become a disciple of Jesus, also in deed, whereby you serve and share like a true follower of Jesus.

Our motto is to believe, witness, and serve together. Everyone is called and that’s why members also serve together in activities like packing food and clothing parcels for people in need, such as the people affected by the KZN floods. With this community feel and the servant’s heart attitude, being a member of KSM gives you a community where you can live out your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, as our Saviour and the Son of God.

We serve and give because of the joy of giving and caring for others. It is in this light that you’re invited to participate and live out your spiritual gifts to serve and build up communities. Choose to be part of communities where people like you serve. If you’re too far away from Gauteng, you can still join to experience the joy of worshipping, learning, loving, believing and caring as part of the community of believers.

KSM Church Online in Afrikaans

The KSM services and Bible study sessions are presented in Afrikaans, enabling those Afrikaans-speaking farmers who are not able to leave their farms without supervision, to our Afrikaans-speaking communities without transport to visit our church online on Sundays to grow in faith through studying the Word of God. This also enables our large Afrikaans-speaking communities in the Western Cape, especially people without transport of their own, to also become part of a community of Jesus followers, including senior citizens in care homes.

Learn more about our church online and activate communities here and join us to become part of a community that cares, hopes, believes and trusts in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.