Bible Studies with KSM - Bible Study Reading Plan

Get Ecclesiastes Bible Study Reading Plans for Daily Use

Life can be hectic, but to keep focused and rooted in the Word of God, regular Bible Studies are important. But how do you plan for such if your time is already limited between work, family, and community involvement? KSM makes it easy for both English and Afrikaans-speaking believers to study the Scripture in-depth with reading plans.

Why Do You Need a Reading Plan?

A reading plan gives you direction. Instead of a superficial reading of passages out of context, you follow a disciplined approach to truly understand the Word of God. It gives you a roadmap with an understanding of the passages in context. This enables you to apply the wisdom as practical faith. Rather than just words or knowledge received, by thinking and praying, and studying the passages, you gain a deeper understanding that helps you to grow in faith.

Reading the Scripture daily without a plan doesn’t help you to gain a deeper understanding of a particular section. You’ll end up reading the same passages over and over while all God’s instructions, guidelines, wisdom and promises shared in the other passages or sections go unnoticed. Becoming a true disciple of Jesus also entails listening to and feeding on the Word of God, much like a healthy eating plan helps you reach optimal weight management goals.

Learn More About the Book of Ecclesiastes Through A Bible Study Reading Plan

Whether you’re looking for a Bible study reading plan that you can use in a group or for your personal faith-building and learning sessions at home, we provide you with an exciting and structured way to ease into Ecclesiastes and other books of the Scripture.

The reading plan comes with regular videos and notes about the books, specifically designed to help you put the wisdom shared into practice for a living and growing faith, characterised by a personal relationship with God.

How to Join the Bible Studies

Ecclesiastes is but one of the topics and books forming part of the Bible studies. We offer several for a daily reading journey to discover the true depth and inspiration of the Word of God. Putting God first in your life is the most important. Everything else falls in place. Start today by signing up for a KSM Bible Journey to read and meditate on Scripture in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Want to Attend KSM Bible Studies in Person?

If you want to join fellow believers in getting answers to questions, and not just read, but understand difficult passages and books in the Scripture, then you can do so every Wednesday at 09:00 at our campus in Centurion and Thursdays at 09:00 at our campus in Midstream, Gauteng. Reach out if you want to visit or join and we’ll welcome you. Connect with us via email at or WhatsApp us at 076 408 8169.

Videos for Studies

Visit the KSM YouTube channel for videos on books like Ezekiel, Revelations, Luke, and more. Make the most of your quiet time with reading plans and Bible studies to help you work through and gain a deeper understanding of the Word of God.